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Valentine day

Valentine’s Day – a festival of Love, celebrated every year on 14th February. When is & how many days until Valentine’s Day in 2020.

This day, celebrated on 14 February, is celebrated differently and with different faith in different countries. In the western countries, this day is on its own beauty, but in the eastern countries also, there is a way of celebrating this day.

While in China this day ‘Nights of Sevens’ is special for hearts in love, in Japan and Korea this festival is known as ‘White Day’. Not only this, people in these countries express their love for a month from this day and express their feelings by giving gifts and flowers to each other.

Every bond of the world is made with love, if there is no love, then there can be no happiness in life, in the same way, love is never expressed by seeing time or auspicious time, love is left unsaid, love is such a feeling The sea is in which even if there is a storm, then no one is harmed. Renunciation of love is such a door of faith, which can be felt only, which is not easy to get into words.

When such a lovely feeling is celebrated as a Valentine’s Day, then that day becomes a memorable day. When everything in life is love, then it is very important to give time to this precious feeling and time is probably lost somewhere in this world of race, time is a bird which, if you get out of hand, do not return Time comes and lives are captured in beautiful memories.