Happy Propose day 2020 wishes are here to help you to make the day special for the special person of the lifetime. A single wish should comprise affection and love with the addition of feelings; this is going to cause you to your spouse’s day splendid.

Propose Day or just say the day of saying which is like a special festival for lovers, fans. Everyone is eagerly waiting for it since they discuss their thoughts, their heart with their crush or their fan this day, and after that, should they accept this expression they then become a complete lover. Proceed And in this manner, both lovers become one, then together they observe each other on the remainder of the Valentine’s Week at a new love style. So come, friends, we’ve attracted some distinctive love-filled Propos de Shayari in Hindi for lovers such as you, which will help you to discover your love. You may propose your lover or crush with those greetings with love greetings or create a good video. We wish you a very joyful Propose Day. Happy Purpose Day.

Happy propose day my dear heart

I never got anyone like you

So sweet like you

So beautiful like you

So natural and down to earth like you

I never got anyone like you

Happy propose day my dear heart.

The Minute I Heard My First Love Story, I Started Looking For You, Not Knowing How Blind That Was. Lovers Don’t Finally Meet Somewhere. They’re In Each Other All Along. Happy Propose Day.

Crying laughing fashioned game, love is the game of relationship… I love you so much. Happy propose day..!

When you are with me, I need not bother about the whole world. For me, your heart is my place and in your arms, I find the peace. Your smile makes me smile and your cry makes eyes wet. You are the reason of my life and love.

Love is like a cloud. Love is like a dream. Love is one word and everything in between. Love is a fairytale come true. Because I found Love when I found You. Happy Propose Day to My Love.

Oh my Sweet heart, Oh my Rose

You are the real Rose of my life

You are the whole garden of rose for me

Yes, it is true that nothing is complete in this world.

But, it is also true that you are the complete world for me.

I Think About You All The Time Will You Be Mine Forever? I Must Say I Adore You I Can Not Live My Life Without You. It Would Be Long & Dreary. Happy Propose Day….

I am in an imbalance state of mind what to give you because there is nothing more beautiful and sweeter than you. I love you my sweet heart. Happy propose day.

Tears seem more romantic when you are with me, you give your support and hold me tight in your arms and I forget every worry and being happy in your love. I want to share my emotion with you because I love you.

Come live in my heart and I’ll not charge a penny from you. Happy Propose Day!

My dear rose, i am here to wish you propose day

You and only you is whole world for me

I cannot promise you that i would be with you every moment

But I can promise you that each and every smile on your face would be because of me.

We’ve Known Each Other, For A Long Time, But I Never Really Noticed, All The Magic In Your Eyes, I’ve Been Around You, A Thousand Times Before, And You’ve Always Been A Friend To Me, But Now I’m Wanting More Think About It Happy Propose Day.

I love you my sweet heart and i hope all your dreams come true and have a happy life with full of love. Be with me always. Happy propose day..!

Love me not from your mind, but from your heart, because mind knows the age and it grew old with time, but heart always pump the fresh feeling in each vain to love me more and more. I love you.

You are like the Sunshine so Warm. You are like Sugar so Sweet. You are like you and that’s the reason why I Love You Very Much.

Oh my love, please forgive me and accept my wish at Propose day

I have struggle a lot in my past

I have no any wish left for me itself

But what I want to get in future is only for you.

Oh my heart, i am wishing you a very happy Propose day

You are my heart, when you stop smiling, my heart stop beating

So keep your smile on and continue my heart beating.

Love puts the fun in together, the sad in apart, and the joy in a heart. Happy propose day my love.

The moments we have spent together always stay with me and make my life beautiful, but lots of beautiful moments are yet to spend, so I want to be with you always to make my tomorrow wonderful.

All I wanted was someone to care for me, All I wanted was someone who there for me, All I ever wanted was someone who true, All I ever wanted was someone like you. Happy Propose Day!